NYC Emergency Management (NYCEM) is excited to share some best practices and the impact data has on Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), a city-wide volunteer program. 

The NYC CERT program is celebrating 20 years and there are so many lessons learned.

In this presentation learn how NYCEM leverages data to report critical operations and promote the impact of CERT volunteers as they support emergency preparedness and response efforts throughout all five boroughs.

Presenters include:

  • Anthony Escoto, CERT Training and Exercises Program Manager, NYCEM
  • Shelly Bradshaw, Geospatial Data Program Manager, NYCEM

Over the span of various projects, John Jay College’s Research and Evaluation Center (REC) has developed a rigorous data inspection and cleaning process to create research-ready data sets for community-level analysis. These projects have involved understanding the effects of interventions focused on specific communities in New York City.

Join this session to learn how this team has explored NYPD data and the process it has developed to make publicly available crime-related data useable for research studies – including how it handles likely errors and overcomes dataset limitations.