The potential of open data relies on our ability to use it to create a positive impact in our society. In this session, we will explore how different groups outside of government make use of open data in both the European Union and New York City

The session will feature a presentation of the research project and first volume of the European Union’s Use Case Observatory. This project features examples of how open data has been used by organizations across Europe – including uses to advance health and wellness, social services, environment and planning, and government operation.

Two NYC-based groups will also share how they use open data: the Citizen’s Committee for Children, an organization that works with social services data in order to advance well-being, equity and justice for all New York’s children, and JustFix, a non-profit that builds free tools for tenants to exercise their rights to a livable home using housing data.

Two EU-based groups will then share their open data initiatives: Integreat, an online multilingual platform and app that facilitates the integration of migrants and refugees in Germany, and Medicatio, a French start-up for business which gathers information on over 400 medicines to improve understanding and proper use for all.

Following these presentations, the speakers will engage in a panel discussion on the key aspects of working with open data from both a NYC and EU perspective. The panel will touch upon the role of public entities and private organizations in opening up data as well as the importance of data quality requirements. The session will conclude with a Q&A session open to the audience.

Checkbook NYC is an online transparency tool that makes the City’s day-to-day spending available to the public.

Take a tour of the new NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) integration into Checkbook. We will take a look at NYCHA financial spending data, contract information, and vendors. We will explain the accounting hierarchy and how to track spending transactions to Responsibility Centers.

The addition of this information will enable the general public, good government groups and government officials and to review how and where budgeted dollars are spent within NYCHA.

Learn about the Department of Housing Preservation & Development’s (HPD) open datasets with a dedicated deep dive into the Affordable Housing Production datasets.

Staff from HPD’s Division of Strategic Operations & Analytics (SOA) will show you how to leverage HPD’s datasets and engage with the HPD Open Data Team!

The Department of Housing Preservation & Development works to promote quality and affordability in the city’s housing, and diversity and strength in the city’s neighborhoods. This is done by maintaining the safety and health of residential housing, creating opportunities for New Yorkers through housing affordability, and engaging New Yorkers to build and sustain neighborhood strength and diversity.

Close out Open Data Week with us at NYC School of Data!

BetaNYC’s annual civic tech community conference invites New Yorkers to engage with the City’s technology, data and design communities during Open Data Week.

When: Saturday, March 18th
Where: CUNY School of Law
Tickets: Registration is required to attend!
View the Program:

This year we will explore the many worlds of open data in NYC. There will be over 30 panel events, classroom-style discussions, trainings and workshops that cover open data and public interest technology topics like digital services, civic technology, analytics, smart cities, and open government.

You’re invited, whether you’re new to the community or well-acquainted! Spend the day with us improving your data skills, discovering tools and work by other New Yorkers, and making new connections.

NYC School of Data is organized by BetaNYC, with programming support from the NYC Office of Data Analytics and hosted by CUNY School of Law.

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